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Haiku L Fan

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I’m no fan of Big Ass Fans. Long story, but their business practices bit me a few years back and I’ve never let it go… That being said, I recently bought an incredibly expensive Haiku L made by the Big Ass Fan assholes and guess what? It kind of rules…

Yes, it’s $800 and isn’t all that “smart,” BUT it moves so much air so quietly that I have to give this thing a thumbs up.

Details here.

JBL L52 Classic

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Jbl is bringing back the feel of the famous old L100 loudspeaker, but in a smaller bookshelf form. I doubt the sound is as warm, but you can’t argue against the looks! I’ve heard the price is gonna be around $1000 a pair.


Stanley Admiral’s Mug

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Keeps your coffee hot for 6 hours… and won’t tip over. The Admiral’s mug is the perfect coffee mug for those who are active and don’t want to drink so much coffee that you need a thermos. It’s also built really well…


Prime Day Find

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Prime Day is a pain in the ass… You can find some great deals, but only if you are willing to pull the trigger immediately because the deals expire at random.

Thus far, my favorite deal is probably the 25% discount on the Fellow Ode Coffee Grinder. These things are expensive, never go on sale, and work better than anything else on the market. They are also built like a brick shit house.

For now, you can find the deal here.

The Destroyer Lamp

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A new drop from Van…

I was afraid that was going to happen because of that god damned…

Van Neistat

Little Building Co.

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An Australian company that produces flat pack kits with everything you need to build your own architectural models of some really rad buildings. Pictured is the SC Johnson Complex as designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, but they offer many other examples.

I bet these are fun as hell to build.


TAD Bastion Woobie

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If you have discovered the pure joy of a proper woobie and want something that is a step up from even the amazing OG Woobie, stop what your are doing right now and buy the Bastion Woobie from TAD Gear. They were just re-stocked and they won’t be in stock long… so you had better hurry, but trust me – you’ll be glad ya did.

Go here now!

Wurkkos FC11

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Earlier in the week, I featured the Olight Baton 3 – a feature rich 1200 lumen torch with a backup battery system. It’s brilliantly designed and works wonderfully, but is priced at just under $100. If you want a similar experience (sans the backup battery) for less money and don’t mind going a little bigger in size, the Wurkkos FC11 is your best option.

Like the Olight, the Wurkkos features USB-C charging, a magnet on the tail, and 1200 lumen output. However, you can pick one up for only about $30. It might be the best bang for your buck on the torch market.

Get yours here.