I am not a coffee sommelier by any stretch. I don’t care how my coffee is made and I don’t care where the beans come from. All I care about is a consistent taste that is easy to make when I’m tired as hell in the mornings.

Given that, you’d think a generic drip machine would be fine for my needs… and frankly, it is. However, I grew tired of buying a new one every few years because something stopped working and spare parts weren’t available. So, I bought a Technivorm Moccamaster.

The Moccamaster has been in continuous production since 1968. Most coffee experts agree that it is the best drip machine on the market in regards to the quality of its output. But I don’t give a shit about that really… What I care about is that it’s a very simple machine made up of entirely replaceable parts and no computers. Put coffee grinds and water in it and it consistently makes coffee that tastes good enough for me.

Also, it looks dope… And at $350, you will call it a cheap coffee maker after you’ve used it a lifetime.