Bamford’s Watches & Cars

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George Bamford, for all intents and purposes, is a timepiece customizer. He takes expensive watches, customizes them to his own taste, and then sells them as his own line. He’s also a car guy… His collections of both are pretty interesting…


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Giaco is the guy behind the MakerKnife – a gorgeously designed, but inconsistently manufactured utility knife. And now, he’s come out with his own flashlight. Honestly, I don’t see a lot of ground being broken here.


BPS Space

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Not on-topic at all, but I’ve been watching this kid for years as he tries to land his rocket…He finally did it…

Watch em all.

The Vixen Motorhome

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I never knew these existed… Essentially, Bill Collins (formerly of DeLorean) designed a Motorhome called the Vixen 21 and it was available from 1986 until 1989 or so. Initially, the motorhome featured a pop top and an incredibly efficient BMW M21 turbo-diesel capable of more than 30mpg. As sales lagged and financial troubles burdened, however, Vixen started shorting the motorhome by getting rid of the pop-top and exchanging the diesel for a 3800 Buick V6.

Apparently, people still love these things… Just over 300 were ever produced.

Details here.

Evergoods PLC20

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Evergoods is back at it… This time, they are introducing a really streamlined 20L pack. If it’s made anything like their previous offerings, expect high end at a decent price.

Details will be here eventually.

GORUCK Camera Bag

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So, I’ve been asked about this bag more than any other I own. Essentially, it’s a GORUCK Kaidan Bullet in 15L that I’ve outfitted to become my main camera bag. Here’s a short list of the details:

Anyway, this is by far and away the best Camera Backpack I’ve ever used. I still use slings when I need to be more mobile, but if I’m on location this is the bag I take. To me, it’s all about flexibility and no one does big open spaces (ripe for self organization) like GORUCK. Highly recommended.

Code Of Bell X-Pod

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The use case is pretty simple. I needed a “road” sling that would work both as a gear hauler when walking around the island and as a camera protector while on the beach and shooting in harsh locations. I looked at, tested, and trialed over 20 different offerings on the market, but could never find the right bag. One would be great for hauling EDC items, but be too small for carrying my camera. Another would be fantastic as a camera hauler, but far too large for anything else.

Then, Code of Bell came calling. They sent over their X-Pod and I found my sling. When compressed, it’s damned near perfect at keeping my pockets empty and when extended, it spacious enough to carry both my Leica SL2-S and an extra lens or two if I need them. Better yet, I’ve found the bag to be very water resistant and tight enough to keep the sand out as well.

The X-Pod isn’t ground breaking at any one function, but it’s damned good at just about everything. It’s special because of its versatility… and that’s why this is now officially the best gear sling The Gear Journal has been able to source.

Details here.

The Wotancraft Pilot Bag

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I’ve mentioned in the past that I own and love the Peak Design Camera sling. The only thing that bothers me about the bag is its modern aesthetic and try as I might, I just can’t get over it. So rather than pocket my vanity, I decided to make a move and try another bag – The Wotancraft Pilot.

Essentially, Wotancraft is a workshop that was created in 2009 in Taipei City. The idea was to create every day camera bags inspired by vintage military designs, but with modern conveniences.

A few years back, I bought a Wotancraft Scout for a friend of mine as a gift. It was an expensive ($350) bag with incredibly rich details and a built quality that can only be described as perfect. To put it shortly, the bag was very obviously handmade by someone with a shit-ton of passion for making bags.

Anyway, I fell in love with that Scout and it made sense to try Wotancraft again – only this time, for myself.

Enjoy the video… and if you need more details on Wotancraft, click here.