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Virgil Abloh X Braun

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Two things I love:

  1. Vintage Braun Industrial Design
  2. Virgil Abloh’s Graphic Aesthetic

Combine the two and you got something crazy special…

Details here.

The Spirited Man…

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Just stop what you are doing right now and watch this. You can thank me later…

And yes, yes I do. I consider myself a very spirited man.

The Canoo

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The electrical revolution is just around the corner. It’s been baking for well over a decade now and you have to think we aren’t far off from reaching critical mass – the boring part of it all.

See, to me the excitement happens now… Now is when all of these freshly funded innovators take a shot at the big dogs and hope their athleticism and flexibility is enough to out perform the experience of the same old stale logos we have all grown accustomed too. Most, if not all, will fail miserably… Most real innovation does.

Welcome Canoo to the show… They are bringing with them some pretty dope ideas.

Details here.

The Kraken Blade

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This damned thing looks unwieldily as all hell, but… you know… I have a thing for disposable blade EDC tools.

You can back the Kickstarter here.

Chase Reeves

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When I watch this guy, I always wonder – how in the hell did he figure out that he was put on this planet to review bags on YouTube? And because he’s the best in the world at what he does, he can make a living doing it. It’s all very fascinating to me…

Chase, you are one smart, funny dude…

Watch em all here.

AirPods Max

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$550?!?! Good god man, they better sound fantastic at that money…


Homemade Electric Airplane

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This nerd has built a number of electric airplanes in his basement… And flies them regularly. He’s still alive.

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