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Nine tools from a 2″ ring… Not bad… Help these guys get it off the ground here.


Boombot REX

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The market is littered with wireless speakers these days ranging from the $300 Jawbone to plenty of shitty little $50 jobs found at Target and Walmart. I’ve tried a lot of them (including the Jawbone) and none are as good as the REX. It’s reasonably priced to at $150. Details here.

Fuji X-M1

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So the new Leica is a complete loser on paper. How about three times the camera for a quarter of the price? Introducing the new entry level X-series from Fuji – the Fuji X-M1. If Fuji’s past couple of years are any indication, this will be one hell of a camera.

Details here.

Leica X Vario

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Introducing the “X Vario” – Proof Leica has completely lost their fucking minds. $2800 for this underwhelming jewel of… I dunno. Details here.

The Printable Gun

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So this guy worked for me once upon a time… And he hasn’t changed a bit. Maybe you’ve heard of his printable gun?


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Remember when “Made in Japan” equated to “cheaply made in mass?” Not anymore. This whole store pretty much rules, but these pens really have me.

Agent Smartwatch

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I’ve coveted a “secret agent” watch since I was a little boy… The people at Agent are trying to make my dreams come true.

Check it out.

Smoking Deal

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I don’t typically cover deals on the Gear Journal, but damn man… This one was too smoking. When the GX1 was released, it was the highest resolution Micro 4/3rds camera on the market and had a price tag to prove it. You can read a full review here. In any case, Amazon is burning them out to make room for the next generation and you can now pick up what was once a $700 camera for just $250. Get yours here. Add a tasty lense and you are set for a few years in the camera department.