Bags & Wallets

DSLR Protection

This is pretty brilliant. Most of us aren’t professional photographers carrying around a body and multiple lenses. In fact, I’d bet most of you folks simply cary a camera body with a lens attached. So, how do you protect that combo without carrying a separate camera bag? Easy, get a Roma Bag. Essentially, it’s just a camera bag that was designed to hold a body with lens attached and be small enough to fit into your regular every day bag. Pretty smart.

Details here.


Olympus Stylus Tough

So this one just dropped… Apparently, this new Olympus compact is tough as nails. The 14 megapixel camera features a decent zoom lens (5x optical), image stabilization, 720p HD video, and an HDMI out. And it’s protected by a case that provides water proofing to 33 feet, shock proofing to 6.6 feet, crush proofing to 220 pounds, and is freeze proof to 14-degrees. That’s a lot of damn proofing for around 300 bones.

Check it out.