The Leica T

Leica has finally released what many consider to be a “mini” Leica M. Only it’s not an M at all. Instead, it’s an interchangeable lens APS-C camera. Just from the numbers, I don’t see a whole lot here that is special, but you can probably count on the great feel and great ergonomics that Leica is known for. To me, the biggest surprise here is the price – just under $2k. For a Leica, that’s cheap as hell.

Review here.


Maratac Mid Pilot Watch

An email I got yesterday:

“Hey man, I have $300 to spend and I want an automatic watch that will last for the rest of my life. I play hard too… What should I get?”

There aren’t a lot of quality automatics on the market for that short of dough, but if I had to pick one I’d probably go with one of the Maratac government issue watches. They are Japanese movements, but they are also built like a brick shit house. My favorite at the moment is the Red Crowned Mid Pilot. You can get them here… or watch eBay for better deals.