Griffin PowerDuo Reserve

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The iPhone changed my life. No longer am I tethered to a laptop or a wifi connection – I can roam the world taking comfort in the fact that in a pinch, I can manage all of my sites and more from a little device that fits perfectly in my pocket. Quite frankly, I couldn’t live without it.

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The Ultimate EDC Camera

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I carry a Nikon DSLR and love it, but it’s not exactly pocketable and is just flat-out inappropriate as an EDC camera. Enter the Panasonic Lumix GF1. It’s a small camera that is suitable for pocket carry, but sports features that seem more inline with a full-sized DSLR:

– 12-magepixel CMOS sensor
– 3″ LCD
– 720p HD Video recording
– Built-In Flash
– SDHC Storage
– Mini-HDMI output
– Image stabilization
– and more…

Of course, all of this tech-glory comes at a price – $900. None of my favorite reviewers have gotten their hands on one yet, but I will update this post as soon as they do…

Kodak Zi8

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Thus far, I’ve done all of the video reviews on The Gear Journal using the famously fabulous Flip Mino HD camera. It’s a tiny little device that takes incredible HD footage. Hack yours with a wide angle lens and it is nothing short of amazing. All that said, Kodak just released yet another mini HD camera that touts some very impressive specs. How about flip-beating 1080p video, built in electronic image stabilization, 5 megapixels, and an external mic jack? Hard to beat… I see one in my future. So long as it is similar in size to the Mino HD, it will be great for EDC. Check it out.