I admit it, I was skeptical… The whole idea behind the Amazon Kindle seems kind of “before its time” to me. Serious reading from a gadget? I bought one anyway…

Mine arrived about three weeks ago and since then I’ve read three books on it. The shape and form is amazingly comfortable in your hand. No more do you have to worry about what side of the book your reading and how to adjust your body to compensate. It’s sized perfectly (although Amazon does offer the larger DX) and it’s balanced thoughtfully.

As for the “amazing screen” that Amazon touts, it is just that. Typically, I can read a couple of hours before my eyes begin to strain. That limit has been lengthened greatly with the Kindle. I can’t put it into words, but somehow this electronic paper technology just works. It’s glorious.

The down side has always been selection… Apparently, that tide is turning. I haven’t found a single book that I’m interested in that’s not available on the Kindle. Maybe I’ve just been lucky.

In any case, this relates to EDC simply. Going on vacation and need five books to keep you company? You can either pack a separate bag just for your reading material or you can bring along your kindle in your carry on. You won’t even ¬†need the charger… The Kindle’s battery is good for over two weeks.