The Internet Sucks…

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No, really… It does… I spend half my life loving technology and the other half loathing it. That’s why, I find the above beautiful in a way.

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I dig super industrial every day items. This one pretty much takes the cake.

Details here.


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Remember when “Made in Japan” equated to “cheaply made in mass?” Not anymore. This whole store pretty much rules, but these pens really have me.

Smart Moleskine

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Just went I thought I was away from Moleskine, THEY PULL ME BACK IN.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is pretty damned smart. I think I need to buy one and test it…

Ecosystem Notebooks

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I’ve used and loved Moleskine notebooks for years, but have always been frustrated by their lack of perforated pages. I don’t treat notebooks like some kind of art safe – I use them as tools… and so fairly often, I like to rip a page out and tack it on my bulletin board. If you do this too many times to a Moleskine, your whole damned $20 notebook falls apart. Screw that.

Enter Ecosystem notebooks. They are like Moleskines, only better. Every single page is perforated. They are available in both hard and soft cover and a number of different paper configurations. You can build your own here or buy them for fairly cheap here. You’ll never buy another Moleskine again.

Ti2 Pen

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I think titanium pens rule… I mean, it’s not like they are all that functional. What can a Ti pen do that a cheap plastic disposable can’t? Nothing, but I don’t give a damn. This is cool.

Retractable Pen

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I’ve got a thing for retractable pens. Most of them retail at prices north of a minimally specced ¬†iPhone 4s… That’s irony right there. Maxmadco makes a “cheaper” alternative at “only” $85. It is beautiful.

Craft Design Technology

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Nobody does paper and shit to manipulate it with like the Japanese. Proof? Check out Craft Design Technology.