Smart Moleskine

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Just went I thought I was away from Moleskine, THEY PULL ME BACK IN.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is pretty damned smart. I think I need to buy one and test it…

Ecosystem Notebooks

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I’ve used and loved Moleskine notebooks for years, but have always been frustrated by their lack of perforated pages. I don’t treat notebooks like some kind of art safe – I use them as tools… and so fairly often, I like to rip a page out and tack it on my bulletin board. If you do this too many times to a Moleskine, your whole damned $20 notebook falls apart. Screw that.

Enter Ecosystem notebooks. They are like Moleskines, only better. Every single page is perforated. They are available in both hard and soft cover and a number of different paper configurations. You can build your own here or buy them for fairly cheap here. You’ll never buy another Moleskine again.

Ti2 Pen

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I think titanium pens rule… I mean, it’s not like they are all that functional. What can a Ti pen do that a cheap plastic disposable can’t? Nothing, but I don’t give a damn. This is cool.

Retractable Pen

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I’ve got a thing for retractable pens. Most of them retail at prices north of a minimally specced ¬†iPhone 4s… That’s irony right there. Maxmadco makes a “cheaper” alternative at “only” $85. It is beautiful.

Craft Design Technology

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Nobody does paper and shit to manipulate it with like the Japanese. Proof? Check out Craft Design Technology.

Moleskine iCovers

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It’s probably pretty obvious by now that I love both my iPad/iPhone and Moleskine notebooks. The two merged recently and the result is the Moleskine iCovers. Essentially, these are cases that allow you to use your digital tools with your old paper bound ones. I love and need a couple of these.

Check em out.

Moleskine Sticky Notes

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How long have we waited for a classy sticky note? Too damned long I say… Moleskine has finally stepped up with their “professional sticky notes.” They are overpriced ($9 for 3 packs of 20) and over engineered, but I seem to be drawn to that shit. I’ll be ordering soon I’m sure…

Details here.

Zebra F-701: The Poor Man’s Space Pen

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OK fellas, I’m about to dork out here… Hold your giggles until the end. See, I’ve gotten a few emails asking about the pens I carry. Typical of me, I like to carry durable stuff that is made to last. Also typical of me, I don’t like to spend a ton of dough. The ideal pen for me is most likely the traditional Fisher Space Pen, but I’ve always been ran off by the $60 price tag. What’s a cheap bastard to do?

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