Power Precision Screwdriver

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Lots of guys carry min-screwdrivers in their EDC packs. They are great for sunglass repair, picking interior door locks, and all sort of other tasks. Of course, an assortment of mini drivers can take a lot of room in your pack. General solves this problem and gives ya a power bonus as well with the Power Precision Screwdriver. This little fart of a power driver runs two AAA batteries and comes with 6 bits of various sizes and types. I haven’t messed with one yet, but it sure looks promising.

Check it out.

Strider PT

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Knife collecting is expensive. To have a collection, it seems like you have to get a nice broad selection of blades and types to perform all kinds of different tasks. In doing so, it’s very easy to get way more money in your collection than is practical. I mean, how many of you are going to actually use a knife that you spent $500 on? Not me.

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Emerson Mini CQC-7

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emerson mini cqc-7

Emerson Knives was really one of the companies that started the tactical folder movement and the Emerson CQC (Close Quarter Combat)-7 was one of the first and most successful folders to be marketed as a defense/tactical weapon. As great as the CQC-7 is, I never carried one because I didn’t care for the size of the knife. To me, a folder will always be more of a tool and not so much of a weapon… But, the functionality and utter indestructibility of the Emerson always appealed to me.

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T.A.D. Gear Brat

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I don’t have one of these in hand to review, but stumbled across someone that did recently and had to post a link. T.A.D. Gear is one of those companies that has more than customers, they have fans. And it’s that way for a reason – they make GREAT products.

Check this little bugger out.

The Boker SUBCOM

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Here’s a quick little video review on the ever-popular Boker SUBCOM knife. These little buggers are available in a number of different colors, finishes, and blade styles and are priced at under $40 in most cases. I don’t know the folks over at knivesplus.com at all, but you certainly can’t argue with their prices… It might be worth giving them a shot.

In any case, enjoy the review:

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Gerber Artifact

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I think this is a new one from Gerber. The Artifact features an exchangeable/removable #11 hobby blade, cross driver, small and medium flat drivers, wire stripper, pry bar/paint can opener and lanyard/keychain attachment hole… All in a package just about the size of a Bic lighter. The hobby blade makes this an interesting key chain addition for artists and other folks that need precision cutting. The bottle opener makes it good for drunks.

Think Geek has then for $10. Check it out.

The Leatherman Wave

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One of the things about gadget shopping over the internet is that understanding the size and proportion of a gadget can be difficult. I’ve always felt that video helps alleviate that problem by giving you a sense of the physical size and function of an object in something more than a two dimensional image. That in mind, welcome to our first video review.

The Leatherman Wave is my favorite full-sized multi-tool on the market. In my opinion, it’s too heavy for pocket carry – I keep mine in a bag along with a set of Leatherman bit drivers. Those drivers along with the handy inboard tools make for one indispensable little package.

Enjoy the review.

Coming Soon…

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Woah… What’s this? Atomic Industry is stepping out of the garage for a bit and bringing you a community dedicated to the love of the gadgets and the gear that make your life easier. Expect full reviews on the latest watches, knives, bags, and other “every day carry” goodies – both tactical and non-tactical.

So take your hat off, hang your coat, and stick around a while. You’ll be glad ya did.