Knife collecting is expensive. To have a collection, it seems like you have to get a nice broad selection of blades and types to perform all kinds of different tasks. In doing so, it’s very easy to get way more money in your collection than is practical. I mean, how many of you are going to actually use a knife that you spent $500 on? Not me.

I guess that’s why I’ve never really been a collector. Sure I have a few knives, but I’ve never bought a blade that costs more than $150 or so. There’s a subconscious limit there for practicality. I’ll use a $100 knife as a pry-bar in a pinch if I have to, but I would never do that with a knife that crosses my financial limit. And why have a knife that you can’t use as a tool?

That was my thinking going into the review of this Strider PT. The PT is available as a CC model (no pocket clip, smooth G10 scale) or as a regular model (Pocket clip, checked G10). It’s a very small folder with near perfect ergonomics. The CC model fits deep within my pocket, but the lanyard makes it easy to fish. The titanium construction ensures that I don’t notice its weight hanging out in my pocket when I don’t need it, but the incredibly smooth action of the 3.25″ stainless blade makes it incredibly easy to draw. The lock up? Like a vault.

For all intents and purposes, the Strider PT is the perfect every-day-carry knife for a guy that does what I do everyday. There’s a catch though… It retails at just over $300 – well beyond my personal price limit.

To be honest, I never would have acquired the Strider if it weren’t for this site and my duty to bring you guys reviews. Because of that though, I’m now carrying the Strider everyday and I list it as the best EDC knife I’ve ever owned. It really is that good and I’m using it as a REAL tool for a couple of reasons:

1. This thing is built like a tank. Even though it is feather light, it feels even more robust than the famous Emerson that I reviewed a month or so go. Put simply, the Strider PT begs to be abused.

2. Even better, Strider backs their knives. Screw the blade or destroy the scale? No sweat. Send it back to Strider and they will take care of it. It’s a lifetime commitment to quality and everything I’ve read about the refurb process has been golden.

In any case, here’s a couple of shots of a Strider PT and a video review of my own Strider PT CC (Concealed Carry). For more information on Strider or to get your own, check out the Strider site.

striderpt striderclosed striderclip