emerson mini cqc-7

Emerson Knives was really one of the companies that started the tactical folder movement and the Emerson CQC (Close Quarter Combat)-7 was one of the first and most successful folders to be marketed as a defense/tactical weapon. As great as the CQC-7 is, I never carried one because I didn’t care for the size of the knife. To me, a folder will always be more of a tool and not so much of a weapon… But, the functionality and utter indestructibility of the Emerson always appealed to me.

Enter the MINI CQC-7. Essentially, the mini variation of the CQC-7 is just a scaled down version of the original… sort of… See, the Mini retains the same handle and blade thickness of the original, but is just simply shorter. The blade measures right at 2.9″  while the handle measures 4.25″ – the whole thing weights 3.6 ounces. The scales are made of g10 synthetic. The blade itself is made of 154cm steel and measures 57 to 59 on the Rockwell hardness scale. Forget the mumbo/jumbo – this thing is compact and VERY stout.

The Mini CQC-7 is available with or without the Emerson wave feature (their quick access system) and with black or natural steel blades sporting plain or combo edges. I chose mine without the wave (I’d kill myself) and with a black plain edge.

Enjoy the video.