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You’d be surprised at how handy a set of tweezer are when you include them in your EDC. Enter the PockeTweez… They are made of stainless, are brauny as all hell, and collapse – making them perfect for keychain carry. $25 gets you all hooked up.

Details here.

601 Split Keyring

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I’m sort of in love with these forged split rings out of Japan. They are expensive at $28, but damn are they cool…

Check them out here.

The Keyport

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After years of waiting, the Keyport is finally shipping… For those not in the know, the Keyport essentially puts 6 keys in a box – saving you from carrying a keychain. Pricing is variable depending on the type of key blanks you require, but they start at around $80.

Check it out here.

The Neistat Brothers: Jack-Knife Hack

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If you don’t watch the Neistat Brothers on HBO, you should. I can’t put my finger on it, but their homemade productions are just down right addictive. Take the above for example… They make a “Keyman” only without the Leatherman and with a Swiss Army Knife. Admittedly, their craftsmanship isn’t tops but it is the first time I’ve seen someone do this with a proper folder.

Pretty cool.


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I typically don’t get into these kinds of key tools, but this one has potential – not so much because of it’s utility, but because it is so small that it will get the hell out of your way when you aren’t using it… So maybe, you’ll carry for longer than a couple of weeks. It’s cheap as hell too.

Check it out.

The Split Ring Key

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This is pretty brilliant actually… Some smart fella took a split ring and added on a key blank. The result is something that could make a perfect foundation for a very minimal key ring set up. Just get your key cut, add on your Leatherman Micra or maybe just your car key and call it done. Bitchin.

Check it out.

The Complete Key Ring

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The idea for this website actually spawned when I was getting ready for spinal surgery. Down on my back, there just wasn’t much I could do physically and for one reason or another I became obsessed with my key ring. I researched the web and studied my priorities and after awhile, put together a set of priorities for my ring.

Above all else, I wanted a key ring with the following characteristics:

1. Light. I knew my setup was going to have bulk, so I decided that the best way to make this liveable was to make the ring as light as possible.

2. It seemed I was always looking for a bottle opener, so I decided my rig would have one integrated.

3. I also often find myself looking for a general duty knife. This setup had to have one.

4. And, of course, everyone is always looking for a pen… Especially when you don’t have one.

5. I love flashlights and felt like this was the perfect opportunity to have one with me at all times.

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Coming Soon…

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Woah… What’s this? Atomic Industry is stepping out of the garage for a bit and bringing you a community dedicated to the love of the gadgets and the gear that make your life easier. Expect full reviews on the latest watches, knives, bags, and other “every day carry” goodies – both tactical and non-tactical.

So take your hat off, hang your coat, and stick around a while. You’ll be glad ya did.