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A brilliant idea to solve a simple problem. The only problem? What to do with that fancy modern car key that obviously won’t fit in the leather sandwich. Check it out here.

Bahaus Titanium Carabine

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For hipsters and functionalist alike! I love using carabiners on my keychains… and this one looks damned impressive.

Check it all out here.

The Kaufmann Mercantile EDC Kit

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Tiny, multiuse tools. Comes with a pry bar, screwdriver keys, precision tweezers & waterproof lighter. All tools attach to your keychain and weigh less than 2 ounces combined. $42.00!?!?



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Need a pair of scissors on your keychain with a little more behind them than your typical Swiss Army job? Look up the boys at SisXorx… Worst spelling of the word ever, but the scissors do look the part. Check it out.

Carabiner Key

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Looks like the are finally taking orders on the “keybrid.” It’s an interesting concept… And I think the idea works well for a supplemental key on your chain. In any case, you can get yours here.