The Gerber Fit

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Gerber hasn’t brought out a new multi-tool in a while. Judging their latest, the Fit, I would guess that they’ve been busy in the R&D department. The fit is a small smooth package with modern flair that includes: Tweezers, Bottle Opener, Micro Cross Driver, Micro Flat Head Driver, Scissors, 25 Lumen L.E.D. Flashlight, Fine Edge & Serrated Blade, and interchangeable large phillips and flat head screw drivers.

You can check out the details here.

Hamilton 1883

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So a pal of mine is a big time writer in New York City for a big time men’s magazine. It ain’t GQ, but it might as well be. He mostly writes about senseless stuff such as style and fashion, but every now and then he hits a tune that my ears can comprehend. Just this last week, it was Hamilton 1883 shirts.

What are Hamilton 1883 shirts all about? They are 100% American made button downs that cost a small fortune, but last a lifetime. Admittedly, I only own one shirt from the Houston based taylor, but I’ve owned and worn it since 1999. If you are doing a cost analysis, your calculator will tell ya that the shirt has cost me about $18 a year… and that number is getting smaller.

There is something to be said for quality… even if it meshes with fashion.

Check them out.

The Best Aprons In The World

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I know a lot of you fellas out there work with your hands – either by trade or by hobby. A lost tool to many of you is the shop apron. If you’ve never used one, you would have a hard time imagining their usability. It’s about more than keeping your shirt and pants clean. It’s about having a platform to work from. You should try it out… And if you do, you might as well use the best aprons in the world.

Zippo Hand Warmers

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I drive a car every day that has no heater. It’s damned cold this week… As such, I’ve added a new toy to my EDC. Enter the Zippo hand warmer. I thought it was a cheesy idea until I tried it. Holy hell, I’m a fan.

Check these out if you get a chance and have the need.

Timex Originals

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You forget that Timex is actually a pretty classic American watch maker. I’m sure they aren’t so American anymore, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t tip their hats to that old style. And they have… The new Timex Originals brand is pretty rad.

Check them all out here.

601 Split Keyring

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I’m sort of in love with these forged split rings out of Japan. They are expensive at $28, but damn are they cool…

Check them out here.


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This is sort of brilliant. It’s a knife that folds into a credit card sized packaged. A decent solution for the fella that wants to carry a knife but doesn’t want to deal with the bulk in their pockets. I’m sure it’s not as rugged as many traditional choices, but it’s a smart design and affordable enough. $23.

Nite Ize Self Locking Clip

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Here’s an interesting take on a clip for your shit. Essentially, it’s just a self locking mechanism that will attach to just about anything – your iPod, phone, knife, etc… I haven’t used one, but I’ve heard pretty good things about them. You can get yours for $10 from County Comm. Here’s there demo video:

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