I work in a number of different locations and, as such, my every day bag holds and organizes a number of different items that I use daily. It’s just handy to keep all of that stuff in my bag so that I have it accessible while in the office or on the road. However, that does create a problem in that my bag needs to be easily handled and reached while in the office.

In the past, I’ve always just sat the bag in one of my office chairs as soon as I get in. This solution is fine until I have a meeting or a guest. In that case, the bag goes to the floor and it’s contents with it. This sounds like a minor inconvenience, but it’s actually a real pain in the ass. So, I started looking for a solution.

Who would have thought that other people shared in my misery and actually set out to do something about it? The folks at Workiture recently launched the el BagPed. Essentially, it’s just a stand for your bag. It’s so damned simple… So damned brilliant… And built like a brick shit house.

If you are interested, you can get all of the details here. Spendy? Yes. But worth every damned penny.