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The WiseCracker


This isn’t necessarily on-topic to the journal, but I ran into a guy last week with an incredibly inventive mind. It was one of those “small world” stories where he knew one of my pals and that sparked a conversation. Eventually that lead to the brand new Gear Journal and he popped this “WiseCracker” thing out of his pocket thinking I would be interested.

I was.

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Other Gear

A Captain’s Pocket Dump


While the Gear Journal is mostly focused on the regular Joe and his EDC needs, we thought it might be interesting to hear from a professional. Rick is a captain on a New York police force. He’s survived an off-duty shoot out with a bad guy as well as 9-11. He’s been there, done that, and is prepared for it all. Lets take a look at his pocket dump, shall we?

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Other Gear

Tactical Laser


This, my friends, is the Spyder II GX laser from The Spyder II is a military grade laser featuring an aerospace aluminum body and the first every hand-held thermoelectric cooling system. It shoots a laser that is visible for hundreds of miles and is intense enough to light a match from more than a few feet away. Frankly, I don’t know why you would include such hardware in your every day carry pack, but if ya do – BE CAREFUL as this thing can blind.

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Knives & Tools

The Boker SUBCOM


Here’s a quick little video review on the ever-popular Boker SUBCOM knife. These little buggers are available in a number of different colors, finishes, and blade styles and are priced at under $40 in most cases. I don’t know the folks over at at all, but you certainly can’t argue with their prices… It might be worth giving them a shot.

In any case, enjoy the review:

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Gerber Artifact


I think this is a new one from Gerber. The Artifact features an exchangeable/removable #11 hobby blade, cross driver, small and medium flat drivers, wire stripper, pry bar/paint can opener and lanyard/keychain attachment hole… All in a package just about the size of a Bic lighter. The hobby blade makes this an interesting key chain addition for artists and other folks that need precision cutting. The bottle opener makes it good for drunks.

Think Geek has then for $10. Check it out.


The Marathon SAR

Marathon SAR

Canadian Search & Rescue needed a watch that could live up to the demands of their job. As such, they contacted Marathon, a Candian watch company, and put them on contract.

“Build us something with the qualities of a tank.”

And that’s exactly what Marathon did. In fact, they were so successful that it wasn’t long before the American government put them on contract as well. The result is a series of watches that is widely known and accepted in the watch world as the ultimate tool watch.

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