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The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception

This is bitchin. In 1953, the Central Intelligence Agency contracted illusionist John Mulholland to create a secret dossier of stealth and misdirection to be used by operatives in the field. All copies of the document were believed to have been destroyed in 1973, but a single copy remained… Intelligence historian H. Keith Melton and retired CIA officer Robert Wallace somehow got their mitts on the surviving copy and have reproduced it. You can buy it for about $15. RAD.

Check it out.

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The Piranha


There is a frenzied cult following for Atwood pocket tools. If you aren’t familiar, Atwoods are small multi-function tools that are typically made of titanium in limited production runs. They are expensive new (think around $100), but the collectable variants can bring even crazier money. People love and collect them.

In a way, it’s a shame because it’s hard for a fella to use and abuse such a handy little device when they have so much dough wrapped into one. It looks as though PocketToolX is trying to bring a similar tool to the market for much less coin (although still not cheap). The Piranha is a wrench, a screwdriver (both flat and phillips), a bottle opener, nail puller, scraper, and a pry bar… All wrapped up in a small pocketable stainless steel package.

I might get one just to review. $50.

Bags & Wallets

86 The Butt Brick & WIN!!!!!!!


A few months ago, I posted a review of my favorite wallet – The Slimmy. For those in the cold, the Slimmy is a front-pocket wallet that will change your life by eliminating the clutter of your every day carry package. Essentially, the slimmy is a miniature file folder that is optimized to carry a few business cards, a few credit cards, and your ID. That’s it. And it all seems simple enough – right? How could such a rudimentary idea change your life?

Well, now is your chance to find out. The Gear Journal is teaming up with Koyono Co. in an effort to spread the word and the Slimmy. The beneficiary? You.

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Old Gear


Most of you are probably well aware that I love old shit – cars, watches, art, furniture, etc… I love it all. Of course, this site focuses on the latest and greatest gear available out in the world. My love of the vintage doesn’t often mix with my appreciation for those gadgets. This is one of those rare occasions. A buddy of mine recently sent me a link to Hickorees. Essentially, Hickorees caries a bunch of really handy stuff that just happens to be vintage. It’s glorious.

Check it out.

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Brook & Hunter Mo-Tool Axe


You fellas know that I’m a sucker for just about any multi-tool. I typically dig on the super compact stuff as I’m mostly an urban dweller, but if I was a man about the woods there is no doubt that I would give the above from Brook & Hunter a shot. It’s an axe, a hammer, a¬†screwdriver, a knife, a saw, a can opener, a wire cutter, a file, pliers, and a wrench… all in one super manly little package.

And, it’s only $40. Check it out.


An EDC Tripod


Tripods are a complete pain in the ass. They are big and ungainly, so carrying them is always a hassle. Of course, a quality professional unit is also very expensive. To carry a really functional unit every day you can expect discomfort on both your back and your pocket book… or so it seemed to me when I began shopping for a compact and versatile tripod.

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