MetMo blasted an email my way, asking if I’d take a gander at their latest concoction. They’ve christened it the Multi Drive—a multi-tool masquerading as a marking tool. This cunning little gadget morphs into a knife, pencil, scribe, drill, file, and even a micro driver.

It’s strutting its stuff on Kickstarter, and you can throw your cash at it here.

But the plot thickens: MetMo didn’t send me a Multi Drive. Oh no, they sent me a Pocket Driver (see above for the eye candy). And let me tell you, I’m grateful they did. The Pocket Driver is less of a tool and more of a desktop diversion—a ratchet driver that moonlights as a fidget spinner. Precision-machined and aesthetically pleasing, but don’t mistake it for a workhorse. It’s just too damned pretty for that… and way too addictive to fiddle with.

Is it worth $130? Probably not to most… but it’s one hell of a gift for the right kind of lunatic and if you judge it by its craftsmanship alone, you can justify the price easily. Tool, fidget toy, art… take your pic I guess…

Dive into the details here.