The wallet hunt continues – plunging me deeper into the depths of consumer madness. The past week, I’ve been tangoing with the wares of a South Carolina outfit named Distil Union. The ModWallet Kit grabbed my attention like a pit bull on a mailman. Two leather flaps, magnets embedded, and a slew of accessories to shove between them: money clip, multi-tool, card holders, and yes—key holders. On paper, it was the Holy Grail, a treasure trove of functionality… and I was itching to test this beast.

The build quality? Magnificent. As good as Bellroy, probably better. The leather is as smooth as Sinatra’s voice, the stitching as precise as a sniper’s aim, and the whole thing screams “no compromises.” Clean, simple, modern design. This wallet isn’t just a product; it’s a love letter to craftsmanship and wallet nerds.

But the real question: how does it perform in the wild? I sandwiched two key holders and a money clip between the magenetic leather flaps. This gave me enough room for my six cards, some cash, and the indispensable keys. The organization is top-notch with color-coded nylon straps making it easy to access my most commonly used cards and ample “attic” space for the cards I don’t use as much. Cash is a breeze to reach, and key storage is about as good as it gets for a wallet. Plus, the whole thing becomes magnetic, sticking to anything metal. Sounds gimmicky, but it’s surprisingly handy.

The damned thing is as close to perfection as I’ve come across, save for one glaring flaw… It’s too big for front pocket carry. Packed tight, it measures around 3 inches by 5 inches by 5/8 inches thick. A slim, elegant back pocket companion, but too bulky for front-end stashing. This epiphany sent me spiraling into a deep funk, mourning the lost potential of this otherwise stellar wallet.

Distil, of course, has a smaller offering for front pocket carry—the Wally Bifold. The Wally shares the ModWallet’s DNA but lacks the modularity. Same accessible card slots, same fantastic money clip, and the same bulletproof build quality. But no modularity means no key organization. This brought another wave of despair, but the usability of the Wally was too tempting to ignore. I had to test it despite my burning need for a wallet that included key storage of some kind.

To be honest, it’s the best user experience I’ve ever had with a wallet. By design, everything is so damn accessible and the innovative magnets keep it slim, compact, and secure. It’s a god damned marvel of wallet engineering.

Maybe it’s time to abandon keys altogether and embrace the future with smart keyless locks for my office and home? My mind is whirling with new possibilities…

You can learn more about Distil here. And no, they didn’t pay me shit.