When “winter” hits Austin, I skip the jackets and coats and go directly for my sweatshirts. I’m just a sweat guy… always have been. And, as a result, I know a thing or two about sweatshirts. These are my three favorites:

  1. American Giant Classic Full Zip. These aren’t quite as good as they were five years ago, but they are still the best in the world. Nothing else comes close. They are very warm… and they last FOREVER… even in my shop environment. Even at $138, they are an absolute bargain.
  2. The Todd Snyder X Champion Hoodie. These aren’t as durable as the AG hoodies and they certainly aren’t made as well. BUT, what they don’t have in durability they make for in absolute softness. These are the most comfortable sweatshirts I’ve found. Interestingly, these are also priced at $138.
  3. The Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie. They aren’t as durable as the AG or as soft as the Todd Snyder Collaboration, but they are only $65… and they aren’t bad. I’d say they are the best value on the list… but I regularly wear an American Giant hoodie that is seven years old, so…