I gave it an honest shot… I really did. But, the MagSafe Apple Wallet just didn’t work for me. I did eventually get used to the process of detaching the wallet from my phone, accessing the cards, and then reattaching once the transaction was done, but there were other issues I just couldn’t resolve.

First, the wallet was destroying my cards. Because the phone is reached for so many times a day, the corners of my cards (that peak through the top of the wallet) were taking a beating. So much so, that both of my credit cards now feature dog eared corners and need to be replaced.

Secondly, having a wallet attached to my phone was often more of a hinderance than a benefit. While it was great having one small object in my pocket rather than two smaller (a phone and a slim wallet), there are times when having two separate entities just makes sense. For example, when I get in my truck I have to remove the wallet from the phone, put it in a cup holder, and then attach my phone to the Mighty Magnet to get it prepared for CarPlay. It’s just too many steps… I need less steps. Bulk be damned.

So, what now? Yesterday, I started carrying the AER Cardholder. It’s very thin, but a little bigger in the other dimensions than I would like. I do, however, really enjoy having a zippered compartment for the rare occasion that I carry cash. It would also be a great spot to store one of those new small battery banks… And, it’s hard to beat the materials and build quality of AER. I’ll keep ya updated on how I get along with it over time.

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