I like to keep a small flashlight in my truck for those times when the shit has mildly hit the fan and I need a little extra light. In the past, I’ve always kept a small AAA torch in my console but this comes with issues. Namely, over time the battery dies and I’m left with a AAA sized brick.

To combat that, I started looking for a USB rechargeable light. I ended up getting something really interesting – the Olight Baton 3. Essentially, it’s a really small and really bright flashlight with a magnet on one end and a pocket clip on the other – allowing the light to be used as a headlight (when clipped to the brim of your hat) or attached to any metal surface (when using the magnet on the other end).

On top of that, I bought the Premium edition which comes with a backup battery case that works similar to Apple’s AirPods. You simply charge the light and the case. If your light runs out of battery, just stick it in the case to charge it. As a result, you can get close to 95 days of runtime… and because it’s rechargeable via USB, I can always charge the thing in my truck as well.

It’s working out really well… I have no relationship with Olight, but I do have a discount code that I found online. Use “MIL20” to get 20% off either the premium or the standard light. Worth every damned penny…