If you grew up in Australia or New Zealand, you are already familiar with these. But if you didn’t and you have no idea what Tullen snips are, behold the most indestructible household snips the world has ever seen.

Typical usage for these is in the kitchen and initially, they were relegated to that duty alone. However, through the decades people have started to use these things everywhere from the kitchen to the garage.

Essentially, they are like heavy duty scissors or light duty tin snips… and you can misuse them for a lifetime without too many consequences. I guess the secret is in the relatively dull blades made out of steel that has been hardened through some wacky and innovative heat treating process.

I actually first saw these in a Formula-1 shop in France… And I’ve had a pair in my kitchen ever since. I’ve often wondered why you don’t see them very often in the states.

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