One of my seven readers sent me another question last night. Behold:

“Ryan, I want to EDC a multitool, but I don’t want the weight of a Leatherman and would prefer something with a bit driver and without pliers. Any suggestions?”

My first suggestion would actually be a Leatherman Skeletool CX. I like these because the blade can be deployed one-handed. In fact, the Skeletool carries like a regular flipper that just happens to have a bit driver and a set of pliers attached to it. And it only weighs 142 grams.

That being said, if you really hate pliers and don’t mind having a blade that can’t be deployed single handedly, your best option is a classic – the Victorinox Cyber Tool S. The smallest Cyber Tool features:

  1. A decent set of blades (one small and one large).
  2. A bottle opener.
  3. A can opener.
  4. An awl.
  5. A corkscrew.
  6. A bit driver with bit storage.

And the bit driver on these is really better than anything from Leatherman. Using Leatherman bit drivers, you are often fighting the shape of the tool itself. Screwing or unscrewing with the Skeletool specifically is just flat out awkward because there’s not a good place to stow the other side of the tool when doing so. The Cyber Tool S is small enough that it makes a decent handle when performing the same task.

Also, the Cyber Tool is light – especially for a multitool. At only 95 grams or so, you don’t even notice the thing in your pocket… Which is good, because unless you go custom, there is no pocket clip with the Swiss Army offering.

So, conclusion… If you use the blade a lot, I would suggest you deal with the pliers in your pocket and get a Skeletool. However, if you are more in it for the bit driver, the Cyber Tool is a no brainer.

Get the Skeletool here.

Get the Cyber Tool here.