When smart phones first came out, my life changed for the better. Given that I make a living online, having processing power in my pocket took the leash off and allowed me to get away from my monitor far more often then ever before.

These days, however, I detest the smart phone. In fact, I believe it is largely responsible for the wide spread disease of social media – which, in turn, can be held responsible for many of today’s societal and political problems.

That’s neither here nor there though I guess… The smart phone is here. So what are you gonna do about it?

My answer has been to minimize. This started with a refusal to upgrade my years old iPhone. And when that finally gave up the ghost, I bought the iPhone mini thinking that the diminutive size would keep my eyes and thoughts away from it unless absolutely necessary.

This has worked ok for me, but Palm is taking it to the next level with a credit card sized “sort of smart” phone and I LOVE it.

Details here.