So I get asked this all the time – What’s the best “one bag” travel backpack on the market?

I think the answer is probably different for everyone and unfortunately, you can’t really know the answer for your own use case without trying out a bunch of different options. Myself? I’ve tried more than I care to admit… In fact, I used to have a bag problem. I still do… But I used to too…

Anyway, the best “one bag” backpack I have ever used is the 40L GoRuck Gr2. First and foremost and as far as materials and craftsmanship go, there isn’t a bag of any kind made any better. The 1000D CORDURA, the YKK zippers, the perfect stitching done in the USA, the… It’s just made as well as it possibly could be.

And then, there’s form. There is very little organization in a GR2… Essentially, it features two main compartments and a few a cubbies. You won’t find a spot for your pencils or an easy access pocket or… any of that stuff.

Instead, you are left with a blank canvas that allows you to outfit the bag for your own use case using supplemental pouches, organizers, and the like. The end result is a really flexible platform that can be configured for many, many uses. And because it’s made so damned well, it will last FOREVER.

Anyway, I should make a video on the subject…

Until then, details on the GR2 here.