I’ve always considered the gold standard of travel and EDC backpacks to belong to both GORUCK and Triple Aught Design. They both design and build bags in the USA that are essentially heirloom products. Put simply, they will outlast you with relative ease.

Other companies make lighter bags with more conveniences for less cost, but nobody that I was aware of made bags with the same level of craftsmanship using the same level of materials. Qualities that I have no problem paying for.

Recently, however, I was sent a bag from Särmä TST in Finland. It’s the CP10 – a small 10L backpack that I plan to use as a civilian “get home” bag to be stowed in my truck. It’s a combat pack designed to be used as the foundation for a modular system. And although they offer larger sizes, this compact unit fits my needs perfectly (read: the space behind the rear seats in my truck).

Beyond the size though, what’s truly unique about this bag is the quality of the build. I have it sitting next to a GORUCK GR2 and a TAD EDC. All three are made of the same materials (mostly high-end 1000D Cordura and mil-spec hardware) and all three have a VERY similar level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

And so, I’ve changed a mind that was set many years ago… There are now three manufacturers on the top of my list. Welcome Särmä TST!

Details on the bag that I got here.