So I got a surprise yesterday – someone actually emailed and asked for a pocket dump. Hell, I didn’t know anyone actually read this crap! But, who am I to disappoint?

  1. iPhone 12 Mini. I’ve been carrying this for a month and I think I can already say it’s my favorite iPhone of all time. It’s small in the pocket and the camera is dope.
  2. Apple leather case with an Apple wallet attached using MagSafe. I got this setup when I got the phone and I’m undecided on the functionality of it all. The MagSafe actually works really well. The wallet is easy to attach and removes with appropriate effort, but the work flow of paying for something is awkward. You have to remove the wallet to access the cards, but when you do that you now have both hands occupied – one with the phone and one with the wallet. I do, however, love the space this setup occupies in my pocket.
  3. MakerKnife. This is the latest of their releases. It’s not made as well and the tolerances aren’t as tight as the originals, but the form and functionality of it is just too hard for me to resist. I’ve been carrying these for a couple of years now.
  4. Orbit Key Organizer. My key organizer of choice.
  5. Titanium Split Rings. Cuz every bit of weight saved, matters.
  6. Handgrey H4 Carabiner. I’d never pay $85 for a carabiner, but it was gifted to me and I absolutely love it. If I lost it, I just might buy one simply because it’s so convenient in use.