So these guys sent me one of these wallets to review. I was gonna make a video, but hell – they had already done it for me. So instead, I thought I would just give you guys my feelings on it.

I’m into “slim” wallets and have used them for the past decade or so. I, however, have never used a hard wallet like the Ridge. Essentially, it’s two pieces of aluminum (also available in titanium, carbon, etc…) separated by a couple of pieces of elastic – on with a money clip attached. So the elastic sandwiches your cards while the cash is captured by the clip. It’s simple and effective.

The Good:

  1. I can’t imagine a slimmer way of holding your cards and cash. I’ve got seven cards in mine and typically have a few bills in the clip. As a package, it’s tiny.
  2. The quality is top notch and the finishing is perfect. Think of a nice pocket knife… That’s what this thing feels like.

The Bad:

  1. It takes practice to efficiently fish your cards out of the wallet. I’ve been using this thing a week now and I’m just now getting to where I can get a card out quickly and without thinking about it.
  2. It’s a hard wallet and while all the corners are slightly rounded, I do worry about it scratching the shit out of whatever else is in my pocket, namely my phone. However, after a week it hasn’t done it yet…

Overall, I like this thing quite a bit… So much so, I’m gonna keep using it.

Source: The Ridge Wallet: Slim, RFID blocking metal wallet.