Month: June 2011

Other Gear

el BagPed

I work in a number of different locations and, as such, my every day bag holds and organizes a number of different items that I use daily. It’s just handy to keep all of that stuff in my bag so that I have it accessible while in the office or on the road. However, that does create a problem in that my bag needs to be easily handled and reached while in the office.

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Alpinist Case

So you need the durability and tank like build of one of those “high impact” cameras, but you need the image quality of something like an LX5 or Leica D-Lux? No sweat. Grab yourself one of these crazy ass Alpinist cases and you are ready for just about any extreme activity.

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Red Pop

Another Kickstarter project that I am in love with is the Red Pop. Essentially, it adds a button to your iPhone and makes the act of taking a photo much more natural. I’ve seen some great photographers take some pretty incredible shots with the iPhone 4. An accessory like this makes it that much easier.

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