I’ve long been a proponent of front-pocket wallets. Not only do they aid against pick pockets, but they also save your back – especially if you are one of those guys that sits on his ass all day. A “lop-sided” ass really can do a lot of damage to the upper and lower back. Pay attention, I’ve got a solution.

Koyono’s Slimmy wallets are among the absolute thinnest money/card stashers on the planet. They are essentially a miniature file folder that’s open on two sides and optimized to carry essentials such as cash, credit cards, driver’s license, and receipts. Slimmies come in three flavors:

1. The Slimmy . This is the wallet that changed the world. Koyono has sold a ton of these and a lot of people still consider it the best front-pocket wallet in the world. Simple and basic. $34.95

2. The View Slimmy . The same as the above, but with an ID window added for easy flashing. This is my personal favorite. $34.95

3. The Slim Slimmy . If slim isn’t enough for you, try out the slimmer slim. The penultimate in sleekness, the SlimSlimmy thin credit card wallet is the choice of the minimalist purist, eliminating every last morsel of excess bulk and bulge of traditional wallets. $32.95

Take your pick — you can’t go wrong with any of these.