Marathon SAR

Canadian Search & Rescue needed a watch that could live up to the demands of their job. As such, they contacted Marathon, a Candian watch company, and put them on contract.

“Build us something with the qualities of a tank.”

And that’s exactly what Marathon did. In fact, they were so successful that it wasn’t long before the American government put them on contract as well. The result is a series of watches that is widely known and accepted in the watch world as the ultimate tool watch.

The basic SAR is known mostly as the G-SAR ($700). It’s an auto watch with an ETA movement. Also available is a T-SAR ($450) that is a quartz watch with the same dimensions and look, but with a little cheaper price tag due to the less complex movement. The bezel on these SAR’s measures in at about 41mm, so they aren’t necessarily HUGE watches by today’s standards. However, they are thick pieces and VERY heavy. You know when you have one on.

A few years after the initial SAR contract, Marathon introduced the C-SAR. It’s a chronograph version with a huge 46.6mm diameter and price tag to match ($2700), but with a reputation as being one of the most bulletproof chronographs ever assembled.

Next on the production schedule is the J-SAR ($475). It’s the latest SAR and features the huge case of the C-SAR, but without the chronograph movement. Instead, it features a quartz movement… HUGE and again, extremely durable.

gsar csar jsar

Our Thoughts
I have a T-SAR and wear it frequently. It’s big and heavy, but somehow it is also comfortable with it’s Marathon bracelet. I bought it for several reasons, but mostly because it’s a tool watch. In a day when lots of manufacturers claim to make tool watches, it’s refreshing to see one that actually lives up to the title – relatively inexpensive, industrial looks, and absolutely bullet proof. If I had only one watch, it would be a SAR.

Where To Buy?
If you are patient, you can find good deals on eBay. I bought my T-SAR for around $350 with the stainless Marathon bracelet. However, if you would rather buy from a retailer, countycomm is a great place to start.