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The Kaufmann Mercantile EDC Kit

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Tiny, multiuse tools. Comes with a pry bar, screwdriver keys, precision tweezers & waterproof lighter. All tools attach to your keychain and weigh less than 2 ounces combined. $42.00!?!?



Freitag Cases

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I use an Incase sleeve… If I were German and had of known, I totally would have scored one of these Freitag sleeves. Cuz, they rule.

Check it out.

Retractable Pen

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I’ve got a thing for retractable pens. Most of them retail at prices north of a minimally specced ┬áiPhone 4s… That’s irony right there. Maxmadco makes a “cheaper” alternative at “only” $85. It is beautiful.

Bellroy Hide & Seek

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Behold design simplicity and functionality in a small package meant for your pocket… I’m a front-pocket wallet guy, but I was drawn to this wonderfully done video as well as the idea of having a hidden pocket for big bills. Maybe the time has come to give the ass-pocket wallet another try.

Leica Telephoto Assembly RIFLE

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How’s this for a rare Leica accessory? That’s a IIIa you see there all buttoned up against the stock. It’s all part of a kit that was made in very limited numbers in the 1930’s. Details here.


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Need a pair of scissors on your keychain with a little more behind them than your typical Swiss Army job? Look up the boys at SisXorx… Worst spelling of the word ever, but the scissors do look the part. Check it out.

Pump Action Sling Shot

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So you need to shoot some shit, but don’t want to bother your neighbors with the sound of a rim-fire .22 pistol or the like? No sweat… Just buddy up with this crazy bastard and maybe he will let you borrow his pump action sling shot.


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So remember that conversation we had on iPod watches? We knew it was gonna take off… and it did. So much so, in fact, that Apple actually designed new “watch faces” for their latest generation iPod Nano. And Hex? That are still at it – creating watch bands for the Nano. Hell, this metal bracelet ain’t half bad.

Still, I think I’ll stick to my autos…