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Smuggler’s Belt

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Need to smuggle some black tar heroin across the Canadian border? No sweat… Choose Barrett Alley!



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Looking for an Iphone case that focuses a little more on class than it does ballistics? Smythson is your place… I’m in love with the fake gator.

Check it out.

Spy Camera

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Need to spy on some folks? Get this button camera. Call me “q.”

Pay Up

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Spin the bottle opener – where it lands is whom pays up. Brilliant.


Yumaki Tortoise Shell Toothbrushes

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A toothbrush for the discerning gentleman… Each brush has anti-bacterial, bamboo charcoal-blended bristles and an attachment point for an optional flossing accessory of which two samples are included. How about that?


LensLight Mini TAD

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You can bet your ass that this is gonna be bright… If only I had a spare $325 lying around…

Leatherman Raptor

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How’d you like to be in R&D for Leatherman? I mean, how many more multi-tools can they possibly come up with? Introducing the Raptor. Details Soon.

The Flip & Grip

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The Flip & Grip… Looks like fun, but I carry more than 6 cards damnit.

Details here.