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The Seiko SNKM97

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I’m a watch a guy… And quite often, I’m asked by my non-watch-guy pals for advice on what watch to get for their everyday watch. I recommend Seiko to just about everyone. They are affordable (in the watch world) and frankly, they are also the best watches in the world. Pick the one you like (just don’t get a quartz please) and you are most likely good for many years to come.

Anyway, I think my favorite affordable Seiko automatic right now is the SNKM97. It’s gotta cool retro look to it, a cushion case, and an absolutely fantastic movement.

Get yours here.


The Smith & Bradley Ambush 

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My kids and I watch this guy named Coyote Peterson on YouTube. I have always dug his watch… and by total chance, I found it.

Source: The Smith & Bradley Ambush Digital Analog Watch – Smith & Bradley, Ltd.

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36

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Without a doubt, my favorite new watch to come around in a long time – the Tudor Black Bay 36. It’a like a vintage Ranger almost with modern mechanicals but perfect sizing. So damned rad.

More details here.

Autodromo Group B

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Auto themed watches leave me cold. It’s a mashup you would think I’d love, but they always seem too contrived to me. I do, however, dig on Autodromo’s new offering – the group B. And even though it’s over-priced for a watch with an asian movement, I’d still rock it.

Check it out.

The Black Bay Black

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The Tudor Black Bay is my favorite watch made in the last 25 years… And a lot of folks feel the same way. I own a red variation, but always wondered when they would offer it in Black. today is the day.

Check out Hodinkee for full details.

The Black Bay One

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My favorite modern watch made in the past decade is without doubt, the Tudor Black Bay. What makes this watch so great is that it features the classic good looks of a vintage sub, but is built like a real tool watch utilizing the completely maintainable ETA 2824 movement. I own one. I love it.

Last week, however, Tudor upped their game by offering the Tudor Black Bay One – a watch that was designed after their original sub in 1954. It’s a perfect watch in every way. Well, accept for one… They are actually only making one of them.

Damn you Tudor!

Details here.

The Tudor North Flag

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Basel World is this week… Essentially Basel World a big ass watch show where all the big wigs release their new offerings. Probably the most interesting announcement thus far is that Tudor released the North Flag. It’s a tool watch that has a modern Explorer vibe to it.

OK, so what’s so interesting about that? For the first time ever, Tudor has released their own in-house movement.

This is huge.

Check it out.

The Breitling Chronoliner

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I get the feeling that Breitling is trying really hard to get back to their roots and away from the 46mm hip-hop watches they’ve become known for the last decade or so… This Chronoliner is a pretty damned good start, but it’s still a tad on the large size.

Details here.