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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… It’s all pretty vile. Essentially, members of each are selling out their privacy to support their narcissism. As such, each platform has turned into a battlefield where people are seemingly at war with “friends” in an effort to finally figure out who has it best.

I’d make fun of them, but I too participate. I gave up Facebook long ago, but I still have an Instagram account. And guess what? So does The Gear Journal.

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Boker Sucbcom

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The best thing about these little knives is their size – thin and blunt. They don’t look like much, but these sharps couldn’t be any more handy. Dirt cheap too… Check em’ out.

Booq Python

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I love a good tactical bag, but some times you have to be a little more subtle. Our favorite civilian? The Booq Python. Read more about this beast here.

Leatherman Micra

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We’ve had a ton of multi-tools and can confidently say that the Micra is the best of the bunch in the “mini” category. Handy tools and a great base for a full custom key chain piece. Details here.

Marathon TSAR

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Want a watch that will take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’? You can’t beat a Marathon TSAR. Built like a tank and priced decently. Check it out.