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Converse Chuck II

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Chuck Taylor’s for the winter time… I’m more of a Vans guy, but still pretty cool.

Source: Converse Chuck II Shield Canvas Unisex Boot.

American Giant

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A t-shirt is not a t-shirt… Seriously… And this is the best god damned t-shirt in the world.

Source: Men’s Classic V-Neck T-Shirt | American Giant

The M-65 Field Jacket

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A classic mild weather field jacket made famous by both the US military and Robert De Niro. These things are the very definition of functional.

The best M-65s these days are made by Alpha. Amazon has the best price…

Triple Aught Design

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I’ve made it a habit to buy American when I can. In fact, I guess you could say that I go out of my way to do so… and not for political reasons, but for reasons of pride. Through those efforts I’ve found that many American made objects aren’t simply “better” or of higher quality, but just more expensive than their foreign made counterparts. And then, there are the goods that are really MADE in America with obvious pride and craftsmanship. When I find these goods, I’m a customer for life.

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