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Sentinel Field Jacket

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The Legendary TAD has just released a new field jacket. It’s $400 and probably worth it.

Source: Sentinel Field Jacket

Wigwam Socks

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These are entirely made in the USA… Also, they are the best socks in the world. No shit.

Source: Wigwam High Performance Socks & Gear | Wigwam Mills

The Libre Sweater

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I’m not an outdoor kind of guy really, so I’m not sure why everyone is wanting one of these… I guess they are straight up amazing.

Source: The Libre Sweater: Outer layer. Epic enabler. | Indiegogo

Torch Coat Heater

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Freezing your ass off? Get a heater for your coat. Seriously. I guess these things are all the rage right now mainly because it’s proof that one of those idiegogo fund raising efforts do work every now and then.

Source: Torch Coat Heater Wearable Heating Technology: Launchpad

Burton x South Park

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I don’t snowboard… but I watch the shit out of some South Park and this clothing line from Burton rules.

Source: Burton x South Park Kenny Hood | Burton Snowboards Winter 16

Nike Hyperadapt

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These shoes are going for like $5,000 on eBay right now… Nike only made a limited run and sneakers heads are going nuts for them. What are they? Well, watch the video.