We are Atomic Industry. We are the voice of the working man, a tool in the toolbox of the guy that does it himself, and a place where citizen journalists can show the “big time” media a thing or two about content people really value. We haven’t done it all yet, but we’ve done some:

The Jalopy Journal

Dedicated to spreading the gospel of traditional hot rods and kustoms to hoodlums world wide. The Jalopy Journal and its H.A.M.B. is the largest and most complete community in the world aimed at fellas looking to build a traditional car.

The Jockey Journal

We like to call it TJJ#2… The Jockey Journal is the second part of a two part sucker punch brought to you by Atomic Industry along side Jason Kidd of Flyrite Choppers. After spending ten years serving the vintage hot rod world, we saw it fit to attack the two-wheeled fellas with the same grit and determination that made us who we are on the other side.

The Garage Journal

Originally started by Lucky Luke and named garagejunkies.net, The Garage Journal was acquired in early 2006. We needed a place to talk shop and tools… Luke had already built the best, so we mugged him for it. It’s all yours now.

The Gear Journal

The Gear Journal was started in mid 2009 after a brush with a trick “survivor” key chain. One passion lead to another and a site was built dedicated to the gadgets and gear that make all of our lives easier. Expect big things fellas. HUGE.

The Jalopy Journal is part of the Atomic Network of communities where the editorials are not for sale.

Contact Us

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Lots of folks have helped and/or inspired us through the years. This whole mess wouldn’t be possible without the following:

Doc Cochran
Marcie Cochran
Keith and Mary Tardel
Kevin Lee
Rob Fortier
Dennis McPhail
Fred Williams
Steve Wertheimer and the Kontinentals
Steve Hendrickson
Arnie Shuman
Dan Picasso
Steve Coonan and The Rodder’s Journal
Mark Morton and Hop Up Magazine
Jason & Shag
Christian and Primer
Denise Sheldon and the GMB
The Speed & Power Society
And all the guy and gals that have ever chipped in…