I don’t know what the hell this thing is… Is it a tote? A bin? A backpack? A box? I guess it’s whatever the hell you want it to be depending on how you use it.

Essentially, the RUX 70L is a box made of TPU-coated nylon. This modern, slick material gives the box no structure at all, but it comes with spring steel snap bracelets that you place in each corner- allowing you to decide how much rigidity the box actually has. You can make it stiff enough to stack, or snap the bracelets and compress it like a soft box.

But that’s just the beginning. The top edges of the box are lined with a rail system inside and out. This rail system lets you customize the outside of the box with different carrying and compression strap configurations. Want a backpack? No sweat. Throw on the long straps horizontally and adjust them. Want a tote? Easy, just place the carrying straps on each end. Want to make it smaller? Just throw on the compression straps and synch em down.

This rail system also lets you securely add a top on the outside or fashion pouches and dividers on the inside. The possibilities and configurations are literally endless. It’s actually quite brilliant.

Of course, the elephant in the room is the price… This bin, backpack, box, tote thing will run you $300!

I’d scream foul, but the thing is… I think it’s absolutely worth it to the right person. It’s one of those products that reflects the passion of its designer. You can tell that whoever designed and made the thing gives a damn. The craftsmanship is wild, and as a result, using the RUX is a joy.

The RUX 70L is the most interesting mobile storage device I’ve ever tested. Sincerely.

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