I only just started drinking coffee really… I have maybe six years under my belt and in that time, I’ve learned the quality of typical coffee gear is shit. I wasted money on name brand stuff from big kitchen brands on multiple occasions, but have finally ironed out my setup with reliable, well-made equipment. Figured I’d share it for input and feedback:

  1. The Technivorm Moccamaster. The cheapest coffee maker you will ever buy, because it will last forever… If there is one thing on this list that I consider a must, it’s this coffee maker. Forget the price and just buy it.
  2. The Fellow Ode Grinder. Coffee made from beans is noticeably better than the pre-ground stuff. It took me longer than it should have to get a grinder and then, I went through a number of them… One broke after another. This offering from Fellow, however, has stood the test of time so far and it feels like it’s gonna last as long as the Moccamaster. Coffee people consider this thing the affordable option.
  3. The Fellow Atmos. I only bought this because it matched the grinder, but it works really well.

At first glance, this setup seems exorbitantly expensive… but in reality, this is all considered entry level gear by most home baristas and I bought most of it used on eBay. Plus, it sort of feels like a buy once, cry once type of deal. All three of these are built with intention.