You ever spent a stupid amount of money on an aluminum case? Like, a really stupid amount of money? I did… and it has been worth every single penny.

I went from a Toyota Tacoma that features more storage areas than you could ever imagine to a ten year old Cayenne that featured hardly any hidden storage at all. To combat this, I got a cheap plastic tote from Home Depot and strapped it down in the rear storage area. In it, I stored things like jumper cables, a small tool kit, rags, tie-downs, etc…

This worked fine, but the further I got into the interior restoration of the Cayenne the worse that tote looked every time I opened the rear hatch. One evening I was under the influence and said, “Fuck it.” I spent $400 on an aluminum case from Zarges.

It was stupid. It was REALLY stupid. But honestly? I love this damned thing just for the way it’s built, the way it feels, and the incredibly efficient way it lightly stores so much crap. I hate to admit this, but I’d do it again.