A number of years back, I reviewed a Microsoft Surface Book. The innovation of the product and the build quality were only let down my the Windows operating system. Otherwise, I thought, the product was a slam dunk and ready to take over the world.

It’s close to five years later… and what do I think?

I now have a lightly used Surface Book that is out of warranty and a fire hazard so dire that Microsoft can’t tell me how to properly dispose of it without exposing themselves to legal trouble. The lithium battery that Microsoft chose to use is prone to swelling. A simple Google search shows how devastating this problem has become. Fires, mayhem, and other crazy repercussions from taking a chance on early tech.

Obviously, I don’t want another Surface product – not that Microsoft would replace this thing (I tried). But, I did want them to tell how to properly dispose of it… They couldn’t. Think about how absurd that is.