Those of you that have followed The Gear Journal long, know that I loathe Leica. I mean, sure… I have thousands of dollars wrapped up in Leica products, but the company itself drives me bat shit. Sincerely.

When a tool company transitions from their core competency to high margin fashion, I have grievances… and that’s exactly what Leica has done.

BUT, Leica does have a saving grace. In this day in age… In 2022, they are still serving the film camera market. And that’s something. It’s not everything, but it is something. And I appreciate it.

Introducing the new Leica M6 35mm rangefinder. It’s not gonna replace the M6 I’ve been shooting with for over 20 years, but it is RAD that Leica released this camera. I don’t even care that they priced the damned thing at over $5,000. Assholes.