“Ryan, I want a traditional Swiss Army knife that I can daily carry and that offers me lots of tool options. I don’t want multiple examples – just one. What do you suggest?”

I’m not a Swiss Army knife EDC guy. I prefer disposable blades that I can open with one hand. However, I do own Swiss Army knives and use them in bags, vehicles, and other places where a multitool can be handy.

That all being said, I got an answer for you… And I think it’s a pretty uncontroversial one… The best all around Swiss Army knife for most people and more general purposes is probably the Victorinox Swiss Champ… not the Champion… but the CHAMP.

It’s a $100 (usually $70 on sale), a decent size, and includes most things you will need in a pinch. Also, if you don’t already know… the Victorinox scissors are the best in the multi-tool game.