Ryan, you feature casual clothes a lot and I was hoping to get your take on more formal office wear. For instance, I need a decent button down and would love something made in the USA that doesn’t make me look like a suit. Know what I mean?”

Man… I’m not your guy. I rarely dress formally and only when forced too… But, for button downs I don’t think you can beat a good Oxford just because they are so versatile. You can wear one with jeans and be fine on a date (the ones I go on anyhow) or throw it on with a suit and tie and get by at a wedding.

I think fashion guys are huge on collar shape, cut, etc… I’m not that guy, so have no idea if my choice meets those requirements… but my favorite is the selvedge Oxford that Todd Snyder sells.

Details here.

Interestingly, the site says this shirt is made in Portugal. Mine says “Made in the USA” on the tag. In any regard, wish I could be of more help…