The use case is pretty simple. I needed a “road” sling that would work both as a gear hauler when walking around the island and as a camera protector while on the beach and shooting in harsh locations. I looked at, tested, and trialed over 20 different offerings on the market, but could never find the right bag. One would be great for hauling EDC items, but be too small for carrying my camera. Another would be fantastic as a camera hauler, but far too large for anything else.

Then, Code of Bell came calling. They sent over their X-Pod and I found my sling. When compressed, it’s damned near perfect at keeping my pockets empty and when extended, it spacious enough to carry both my Leica SL2-S and an extra lens or two if I need them. Better yet, I’ve found the bag to be very water resistant and tight enough to keep the sand out as well.

The X-Pod isn’t ground breaking at any one function, but it’s damned good at just about everything. It’s special because of its versatility… and that’s why this is now officially the best gear sling The Gear Journal has been able to source.

Details here.