Hey Ryan, my son wants to learn about photography. What is a good camera to start with assuming a budget of around $1000? He’s gonna be using YouTube and books for schooling, so I think simplicity would be best?

Jerry Sloan

My son is interested in photography as well and wanted a DSLR that made him look and feel like a bigger deal… I thought about buying him an entry level Nikon or Cannon DSLR to feed that urge, but instead decided to go in a different direction. I want him to learn the basics of capturing light before complicating things with lens choices and menu options and…

In my opinion, the Fuji X100 series is probably the best “thinking man’s” camera on the market. It has a fantastic fixed lens, a very simple menu interface, and handling that rivals a Leica. It’s just a very simple camera that is capable of producing amazing files. Plus, if he gets to the point where he has to have interchangeable lenses there is no better compact (read backup) camera on the market for the price.

The latest X100V is priced at around $1,400, but if that is too much for ya don’t be afraid to shop used/older variants. You can get them for under $1000 and they are still quite good.